Many NRI have never faced any legal issue in India or dont know how the lawyer will proceed their matter and what are the process before and after hiring the lawyer for legal representation in India. We uderstand that they can be confused and tensed when they first contact us. Below is our process we generally follow from the moment you call us and until the final result of your case:

Step 1: Initial Phone Call or Email

We will:

  • Greet you, ask some information about yourself as KYC and than what your matter is about.
  • Ask whether you have a specific requirement in mind being disablilty or other circumstances, if not, we will carefully listen your concern.
  • Advise you of the Practise Rules which require us to first to a Conflict of Interest Check before having you speak further about your matter.
  • Advise you of the initial payable consultation fees.
  • Book a consultation on a date and time that is mutually agreeable.
  • Will follow up confirming your appointment via email, phone or WhatsApp.
  • Will ask that if you need to cancel, you need to provide us with at least 24 hour’s notice.

Step 2: Your Initial Consultation

For your initial consultation:

  • You can choose to meet in person, via phone or a Zoom call;
  • You will be welcome in our office asked whether you would like coffee, tea or water.
  • You and the lawyer will sit in his/her office and firstly we will request you for your Photo ID proof for the only purpose of KYC.
  • We will inform you that all communication is confidential and what he/she can help you with.
  • We will first listen to everything you have to say, will ask questions for clarification if needed and then will provide you with legal advice.
  • We will generally provide you with a roadmap of the legal steps ahead, your chances of success with your case and the legal remedies you have.
  • We will advise you of how much we need as retainer and whether you would like to retain us.
  • If you decide to engage us to avail our legal services, you will have to confirm us and you will provide us all the relevant documents and further information which we may have asked as necessary.
  • On receipt of your documents and informations a lawyer-client agreement about the matter inhand can be drafted on demand subject to separate expenses for the same.
  • You will pay us our professional fee to begin your case.

Step 3: Your Representation

Depending on the type of case you have, these are the general events that may or may not occur in your case:

  • We will do an in-depth review of your file, the documents you have, etc;
  • We will write to you and confirm the steps we are going to take with your prior information;
  • We will generally will start serving a legal notice upon the oppposite party if required and will ask the opposite party to comply with the same.
  • We will intimate you if any response received from other side or advise you for further process of legal proceeding before the concerned jurisdictional court or authority(ies).
  • If your case is already in litigation, we may start preparing litigation papers to appear before the court or authority on your behalf, or suggest mediation, negotiation or other ways for best resolution of your case in your best interest.
  • You and we will continue to communicate, consult with one another and move your case ahead as per the situation arose.
  • Every steps taken on your case will be confirmed with you. Most times every letter/notice/email that goes out will first be confirmed with you.
  • We will continue to advise you regarding your best course of action as your case proceeds.

Step 4: Final Adjudication of Your Case

On End of Your Case:

  • Most cases end either through mutual settlement or consent, or by going to trial in the court.
  • Once your case is settled either through mediation, negotiation or trial, we will generally intimate you about closing of your file with us.
  • After closing of your file, we will return you all yours original documents if you had given us.
  • We will advise you to apply for certified copy of the final adjudication/judgment of the court for future reference.
  • If you instruct us, we will apply and receive the certified copy of documents and will send to you as per your requirements against the expenses.
  • We generally keep your case file important documents by digitally scan into our electronic record for at least 3 years.
  • We say Goodbye Take Care and Stay Healthy!

Please note: in some situations, you may wish to switch lawyers, not have lawyers represent you or self-represent. If that is the case, you will inform us of your decision and we will close your file and return your original documents if you had given us as long as you do not have any pending fee with us.

We hope the above provides some clarify on the ever confusing legal world we live in.

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